rice cooker

Bored With Your Rice Cooker? Here’s Some Rice Cooker Tips To Make Healthy Meals < Are you considering buying a rice cooker, but you haven’t yet because you think it’s just for rice? And maybe you don’t cook rice that often. But rice cookers aren’t just for rice. They can make any grain (including brown and white rice) better tasting and incredible textured. You can use a new rice cooker for other meal planning ideas. For example, if you love steel cut oatmeal, but don’t have time to wait for the cooking process in the mornings, use a rice cooker….

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TATUNG TAC-6G Rice Cooker Review

TATUNG TAC-6G Rice Cooker Reviewed The TATUNG TAC-6G rice cooker is very simple to use. It is a one step rice cooker that features a 6 or 10 cup serving capacity that is going to cook rice to perfection every time. One you have finished cooking rice the machine is going to automatically go to the “keep warm” mode. This is going to ensure your rice stays at serving temperature for a period of 6-8 hours.  It does not stop here though. The TATUNG TAC-6G is also able to be used as a steamer. This is going to provide you with…

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